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01 December 2006


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It's o.k., Blaugra. We are probably better off if Britney doesn't raise her own kids.

I'm currently selling raffle tickets for a community fundraiser - and someone just bought $200 worth. Talk about throwing money away. And who can afford to do that at this time of year? Although the prize is cool if they win and it's for a good cause...

Have you seen those Gwen Stefani barbies? Way cute.

Don't worry about sending me a holiday card - unless I come up with a really cool "experience" gift for you.

Peeved Michelle

Me! I get up at 4:30 AM to go shopping to day after Thanksgiving. It is a small sacrifice to pay to save lots of money and be done with my Christmas shopping before noon (by 10 AM this year). I usually wrap the presents that afternoon and am totally done before Monday.


Beth! - I love the Gwen Barbies.

Experience = a restaurant gift certificate, a mani/pedi, etc. and my inlaws insist on getting us things that we don't really use or wear instead of giving us "experiences".

Michelle - YOU are one of those freakyass people! I'm so glad I know who they are now. I hope you weren't involved in some melee over a fancy TV or something.


Too much to comment on!
Whirling Dervish of thoughts too...
Now back to printing mailing labels that will match holiday stamps...

Angel the Hooker

Honey, you have to realize that any 4:00 am trick (we say john) isn't that lucrative just desperate. I definately do not mind missing him and I always shop the Black Friday early sales.

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