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11 July 2006


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I would give anything to have either one of those fine establishments here. We got nothing. Just yer typical Mobil or BP with milk and window washer fluid inside. I keep seeing Speedway ads on TV but have yet to see a Speedway in real life.

Turkey Hill rocked too - do they still have those in PA?

I haven't been in a Wawa in a while but just patronized a Sheetz while in Pittsburgh last week. Wawa wins hand down in the best name category. Just for the sheer fact that it was the BEST name that a group of somebodys could decide on. Can you imagine that discussion? How about Pocahantas? No? How about Little Tiki Pole? No? I know! Wawa! YES!


Yeah...WaWa is the greatest name in convenience store history. I giggle just saying it.


Do Wawa grocery stores still exist? I remember them from back in the day.

Hazel Hazel

Here in SW PA we don't have Wawa.....Sheetz's competition here is GetGo....the gas station affiliated with Giant Eagle. Sheetz wins hands down here.


Next to Wawa, Turkey Hill is LAME -- except for the ice cream, that's pretty good. "Imported from Lancaster County"

GiantIggle! Haven't heard that in a while!!! I really think that western pa is a different state of mind altogether from eastern. Not a bad thing - just different. I do hate when I say I'm from PA and everyone says "Oh yeah, how 'bout those fries on the burger?" and I say, "um yeah, that's Pittsburgh, and I'm closer to Boston than I am to Pittsburgh." whatevs

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