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29 June 2006


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Ha ha ha...oh man, if Blaugra consisted solely of stories about your parental interactions...I would be a happy man.

Good stuff.

And good call on clearing of 2 out of the 3 plates at a table, that is annoying!


Ditto everything Kull just posted! I love your parents more than my own!


Did he get the Kobe beef burger for $11 DOLLARS or what?
And that was really shabby treatment on cut up chicken fingers. They are watching the food costs wicked closely and nothing else...
And no one should ask if you are still 'picking' - are you still working on that is just fine....


Part of me feels like a bad daughter for these parental plays. But I'm just callin' it like I see it. If I spent even MORE time with mom and dad, I would have much more material, however, I wouldn't have much left in the way of sanity.

OK, let's talk about Kobe beef. I understand that it's sooooooo yummy and doesn't taste at all like our regular beef. So if you're gonna eat it, why eat it in a burger all ground up and overcooked and probably mixed with fillers - ? I don't know - what's the deal with these?

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