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07 June 2006


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Blaugra - You kill me. More stories to keep me entertained, please!

I can't believe you won the grand prize... maybe you can auction it off at the Film Festival.

Saucy carrot boob is not so bad. I was at a dinner last night where the chick next to me (who I had just met) had ranch dressing in her hair that I kept staring at. At least the saucy carrot probably didn't get to your boob until after the salad course, right? And at least you found it before dessert.

chris ives

WTF? A big environmental dinner and no Al Gore? We're all going to burn!

As for the teenager... I'm sure that the nipple clips were a relief compared to the 2-liter-bottle-of-soda sized butt-plug that was left inside the dishwasher two weeks ago... That just screams to be included in an episode of "Sons and Daughters". Too bad is was cancelled.

Average Jane

Well, at least you won something - even if it isn't something you particularly want.


Secretly you love Philly. If I have to see that stupid Soutwest ad for Philly one more time I might, ah, I dunno - fast forward thru it again? heh heh

Politicians are smarmy.


OK, hate is a strong word. I hate the lack of public transportation between my town and Philly. I hate that all roads into that city SUCK and what could be a 1-hour trip turns into two. I hate that South Street has become a toilet. I hate that male stripper bar "the caves". I hate that the Seaman's center is now the dopey Real World house.

I love pretzels, Boathouse Row, cheesesteaks, Old City, the Rocky statue, Betsy Ross, the Italian market, the Continental bar and the Delaware waterfront. I want to go to a new tapas restaurant called Amada and to see a show at the Khyber or someplace.

Tom Guarriello

I am so sorry I missed this story for five days! Blog subscription overload and a trip to Boston and...oh well. Congrats on the Philly trip!

Why not take the ike-bay (pig Latin in case Salty's 'rents sneak a peek) down to Philly and leather it up? Maybe the Senator'll be there, too!!


good suggestions! OH and I almost forgot the B-list celebrity sighting -- Raj season 2 of The Apprentice was there, sporting his bow-tie, campaigning for some public office. He's quite tiny in real life.


Was Raj wearing the aforementioned bow tie?

Tom Guarriello

Raj...what a tool!

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