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27 June 2006


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I hate masquerades... but for creative film fest types, it might be a smashing success.
Definitely theme! One Night in Bangkok, Oktoberfest, Chili Cook-Off -- (o.k., that last one is the one we do here).

I think $150/couple is decent - so $75/person. Of course if you decide to advertise by dancing in a store window again, you may need to go considerably lower. Can you write a portion of that off on your taxes? That would be even better. The fancier the name/theme, the more you can charge. Like, I'll pay a lot to go to a Winter Soiree... but not so much for Beers & Brats Bash.

Definitely all the food listed above would be good - even the jello shots. You have to have some substantial food - so heavy appetizers at the least. Little sandwiches rock.

Good Luck. Please tell me you have help.


1. Love 'em! I never have a very good costume, but I don't even care because I enjoy looking at what everyone else is wearing.
2. Big thumbs up, especially if they're willing to share hair and makeup tips.
3. Themes are nice, but a big pain in the butt for the host. There's nothing wrong with the old appetizer and dessert free-for-all (with Jell-o shots, of course).
4. Even for a benefit, I think $75 per person is about the maximum I could justify with my teeny budget. $50 would make me significantly more likely to go.
5. Those seem to be making a comeback lately. I think I'd enjoy seeing one.
6. The answer would be c) upchucking.
7. I don't have any other suggestions, but I'll follow your experience closely for future reference!


All good ideas! - here's my two cents

Costume parties sound fun on paper - but stress me out and I wouldn't attend. But that's me. I love the drag queen show, very New York and fun had by all. The Burlesque show sounds fun too. Both those ideas would be great with the foods you listed. Themes are great too - like a beach party but no bathing suits.......please!

I think $50 per person is good - unless you are going for a richer clientelle - then I think $75 is good.

Any dates in mind??

Beth P.

1.Costume parties are fun except I never know what to wear and panic at the last sec. However with enough advance notice it would be fun. Definitely keep it themed. 2. Female impersonators can be a blast but go see them first because they can also s-ck! 3. Food should go with the theme. cocktail and lite fare work well with constumes cost you less 4. if no open bar, about $50 because people need to pay for their drinks and make sure the bar does not water them down. 5. Burlesque, I am wondering if that fits with you foundation and the south side?? 6. no comment 7. Hit up restaurants for food donations, appetizers and desserts, give them credit and free publicity in your mailings, etc.


Thanks, smart broads! We always undercut ourselves. I don't think we've charged more than $20 for a fundraiser party - and even though this area is notoriously "cheap" from its Pennsylvania Dutch origins, I think we need to charge more for all we provide. Thanks for pointing that out and everything else!!!

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