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22 May 2006


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Average Jane

I'm on an incense kick right now. I bought a new box of Nag Champa that's so strongly scented that I don't even have to light any - I can smell it from across the room inside its box.


Now wait a minute. Sexual tension? Between whom? Not between those two pink-clad knee grabbers (body language clue: "we're not interested"!) and that fey fellow! When's the last time you ever heard a straight guy say, "It fills the whole room with fragrance"? Thought so.

That's one goofy ad, that's for sure!


Hey, hey, hey, at least it got you talking. Whatever it takes to sell.

You have to admit though, that Windex ad where the guy runs into his sliding glass door is hilarious!


Is the Wisp as cool as the Pissing Clam?
(which always made me choke)
I lit incense the other day and stupidly forgot to put it out so it just flamed and was done in two seconds and I was all confused as to why it didn't smoke and last longer. DUH!
So I lit another one, BLEW this one out and then I was happy to have some smoking, smelly lavendar.
And I won't even talk about the many times I have sprayed myself with doody spray....
Yeah, I am not good with air care stuff...


that ad IS hilarious.

I think the two women in pink HATE each other and are competing for the fey guy and they don't know that he's gay. And he's like - get me the hell out of here!! After you tell me how this oil burner thing works, of course. Need the info! See, he's not very bright. Even he doesn't know he's gay. Poor guy.


nevermind that those delicious candles are available at a wonderful local store, listen up organic gardeners: indoor air freshening products are VERY high on the list of air toxicity producers. Up there with paraffin candles which exceed OUTDOOR air pollution limits in CALI. Not good for you or animals to breathe that stuff. Put a sliced up apple and some cinnamon in your oven or in a pot of water on the stove...people will think you've been baking!

(my neice would be so proud!)

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