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17 April 2006


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Tom Guarriello

What a break that the potato vodka is parve!


Cobb Schnobb. Any salad at a tailgate is gay. Even gay people don't eat salads at a tailgate because it's gay. I think even sushi would be more acceptable than salad.

Is it called a lacrosse game? I always thought it was a match...

I guess Duke wasn't playing, huh?


The salad at the tailgate was pretty ridiculous of me, especially when we ate easter pie the next day. Derrrr I will admit that!

Game? Match? I have no clue. The guys there call it a game.

I think that for the next academic year, some members of the Duke lacrosse team should transfer to Syracuse to help improve the Orange's standings! It's so hard to see the mighty champions in a downward spiral. [Just the Duke non-rapists, of course. Now that we all know the suspects' names that shouldn't be too hard I guess. ]

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