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23 March 2006


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Carrie Underoo or Heart will sell out first.
You will go see Styx or LL Cool J.
I'm coming to Musikfest if Chris Daughtry plays it.
If Bethlehem can handle another sexy, shaved headed man that is....


Since Dennis De Young was my wrong pick last year, I gotta go with the double shot of Styx-Kansas. Hello?!? Kansas? Who knew they were even still together? O.k., scratch that. I pick Train for first sell-out.
Blaugra will buy a ticket for KC's Boogie Blast because the name just exudes butt shaking and pelvic thrusts. Can't go wrong there.
Hmmm... not sure about David Cassidy. I might go w/ LL Cool J cuz I like that song he did with JLo.


Carrie Underwood will sell out first. You will see LL Cool J. I will see or hear none of these acts because I no longer go to Musikfest...except to see "Religion and Cash".

Average Jane

I'm guessing that your post title is a hint that you're up for Styx and Kansas. I'd guess Train will be the first to sell out, but just because that's the only name on the list I recognize as a contemporary artist.


Karen has a Heart tidbit which she'll be posting tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Ah, thank you for your predictions. I will keep you informed and invite any further thoughts...

You know, I can't even remember what Train does.

And, the other night at a party a few of us peeps of a certain age were singing Kansas and Styx songs a cappella. It was a beautiful thing. But I'm not revealing yet which ticket I'm buying...


Back in the early 80's,omg, a life-time ago, I met Nancy Heart at UCP. She did a little volunteering that summer along with the Hells Angels who hung around long enough to present toys and stand for photo ops. I really must find that pic. Anyway did you know that Nancy's daddy was something like president of Beth Steel? I think Dick knew this.


Isn't UCP now named VIA?
I remember that picture with your permed 80's hair and funky glasses.

Must investigate the Steel/Heart connection.....

And congrats on your first blog post ma!


Thanks Karen! I checked this out a bit -- The "heart sisters" had a dad in the Marines who then became a professor. There was another Nancy Wilson whose father worked for the Steel.

I would love to see that pic!

And yes UCP is now part of the larger "via of the Lehigh Valley"

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