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03 January 2006


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oops my bad, slip of the thumb comments are ON.

rollergirls on tonite again at 10. Coming soon is "find your rollergirl name" calculator thingie on a&e site. fun


Well when i first met Kristin, she was affectionately known amongst me and my friends as "rollergirl" so she already has her name!


I share your "Rollergirls" obsession! A friend of mine who is an actual rollergirl is making all of us go to AandE.com every day and try to win the trip for 10 to SXSW.


Uh, I hope your Dad gave you a gift cert for a hot stone massage - not the actual massage itself.

Bad mental image.


Ha ha ha...that is freakin funny BETH!

That'd be a good retirement job for Dick!


Um, EW. Although dad was quite interested in what a hot stone massage could possibly be, he did in fact only give me the certificate. (After talking for about 30 minutes with the proprietor of the massage place about it.)

chris ives




Referring to Rollergirls. Is it real? I think so.. Trailer-trash on eight wheels? Hells yes! Lux was kickass and Putas Del Fuego? Awesome. It doesn't make me want to move to Texas but I'll take it over Flavor Flavs new show any day!


Flava is gross - needs to get some shine control lotion for his face.

Rollergirls ROCKS! I can't even decide on my favorite yet. I love how Venis Envy was like, "I think my mom liked it, but I don't think she liked me showing my ass so much. Which I didn't expect to do" (something like that)

Man, I'm going into derby training NOW.

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