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24 December 2005


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That is surreal. You paint a good picture. I can see Salty with the cigar smoke swirling around his head. This would make a good short film.


now, if only I knew some people who could help make a good short film.... hmmmmmm


Take it from someone who works for the Republican Party, gays ARE welcome (I deal with them all the time) but why they'd want to be is beyond me.

Funny, as a liberal grad student, I would steadfastly (read: drunkenly) refuse to go to a "Republican Club" even when my friends begged me and touted the 75 cent beers and good nachos. No, no, I'd insist. I'm a DEMOCRAT, you see.

How ironic is it that now I work for Republicans? And not just work for them, I raise millions of dollars for them and can practically write Republican rhetoric in my sleep! (BLAUGRA's Boston homies may be interested to know that I do a lot for Governor Romney and Lt. Gov. Healey as well as the MA GOP).

Hey, it lets me stay home with my daughter and travel. So, whatever.


Well, Salty was gay at Cookiefest so why not get hit on? Hmm, Cookiefest the docudrama??? We would need lots of nuts and martini glasses as props.

Ok, gotta go make the pigs in blankies for tomorrow while ma is cookin' up some fancy, schmancy endive doohickies.

Where are Salty and Blaugra tomorrow?


Just to be clear, I meant why would a gay person want to be REPUBLICAN (not GAY as my sentence structure may have incorrectly implied). I don't want anyone thinking I'm a homophobe or anything.

Interesting, here in Antigua they call gay men "Ente Men". Not sure why but if I find out, I'll let ya know.

Please keep blogging over the holidays, BLAUGRA. I tell my in-laws I'm "working" when I'm really just reading BLAUGRA.


Romney's a tool!

Damn...is Salty softening? The D I thought I knew would snapped back at that G "how's my christmas going,I'm a damn Jew, can't you tell...now beat it!"


Ente Men ? Like Enteman's cakes? That's so funny.

Oh, and because of what's going on with the "war on Christmas" this year, D. has softened his stance. "Merry Christmas" or whatever anyone wants to wish is fine - because it all comes from a good place in the person's heart. Unless they're just saying it to try to get something from you. Then they're a rat-bastard.




Ente-man's cakes...now, I don't care who you are, that's funny right there! (Git 'r done!)

This gay-Republican talk creeps out the real GOPers. Don't listen to anybody who tells you it doesn't.

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