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23 December 2005


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I have nothing BUT time to read this!

I'm visiting my in-laws in Antigua and my mother-in-law and her housekeeper have been waiting on me hand and foot.

All that's required of me is to nurse the baby and do my writing (the only bad thing about being freelance is there is no such thing as vacation -- I even worked on my honeymoon!).

Granted, two and a half weeks in the Caribbean is not everyone's idea of Christmas but it works for me!

Happy holidays! I'm off to the beach...


Jeremy is lucky he is at his holiday party now eating shrimpies, getting a new shirt and some holiday cake - the green kind - woo hoo!
Righty is clogged and I still have a miserable goo filled head - merry frickin' crimmus. But, on a less scrooge-like note:
Ben gave us a present - a nice little poem about handprints with a messy handprint on it (now I know why his hand was blue the other day...)

My holiday wish to all is safe traveling!!!
(I wish I could see Beth! and family in Bethlehem. Next year I will take the week after crimmus off so Beth! better plan to come to Bethlehem next year...)

Ho ho ho and Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa everyone!


I'm reading this! I have four gifts to wrap and a party a little later, but right now I have a whole hour to devote to surfing. The baking begins tomorrow...

Don't sweat the holiday cards - you can always get them out next week. :)


Man...some people just have it made don't they?


Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one surfing...

thanks for checkin' in - have a great weekend (and I'm off from work until Jan 3rd - whoo hoo!!)

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