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10 December 2005


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I had not seen that WWJS thing... as if Jesus would need to shop at all. Please. The guy can turn water into wine, throw them in gift bags and be done with it.

Beth Favorites:
1) Egg Nog
2) mindless TV while I am wrapping
3) my kids' excitement/wonder/total embracement of all things Christmas
4) getting Christmas cards
5) gold jewelry making a comeback

Least Favorites:
1) Non-shoppers attempting to shop at this time of year
2) Winter Gear (hats, snowpants, scarves, mittens, boots, etc.)
3) Stress of forgetting to buy gifts for teachers of various activities, mailman, paper carrier and other extraneous people I encounter in the course of a week
4) Snow; the shoveling, the driving in it, the brown slush it inevitably turns into
5) teaching Sunday school to 4 yr olds


Kristin's top five:
1) The hubbub a snowstorm causes at work (especially when there was thunder and lightening and then a clearing for the sunset)
2) Remembering to park in the garage during said storm
3) Oogling at holiday giftsets at Target (cheeseballs & beefsticks) and Martinetti's (the local liquor store)
4) Running into a random 'Free picture with Santa' with no line at an awesome, family-owned store (Wild Woman, Wild Child in Arlington, MA)
5) Abundant Chrismukkah cookies everywhere

Kristin's bottom five:
1) Ben's bronchiolitus
2) Not having access to our storage stuff to find holiday items due to landlord's home improvement projects
3) Calls from Ben's daycare when he isn't feeling well
4) Trying to take a holiday picture of Ben to send out (need to do it in November next year)
5) Abundant Chrismukkah cookies everywhere

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