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25 December 2005


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Sadly...that guy in Ohio that got himself a Miller Lite commercial out of his musical display beats out any Christmas City USA entry!

Todd Vodka

The Republican Club sounds great. How does it go? 75 cent drafts, $2 half pound burgers, but of course you have to spend $1000 on the way out to have the three families of unemployed blue collar workers living in your car evicted.


Hey Todd Buzzkill - I mean Scrooge Vodka - I mean - who are you? There aren't any unemployed blue-collar workers living in MY car.

They live off their bingo winnings at the Republican Club just fine.

Happy Holidays!


Check out Todd Vodka's blog - hard to read - needs some editing...kind of like my stream-of-conscience writing...


he's an annoying spammer with blogs written about his blog comments which is beyond bizarre. But if that's what he's doing at 4:30 am - whatever.

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