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23 November 2005


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I'm confused... you were born Jewish or did you convert when you met Dave? If the latter, I've never met a more passionate convert!

Happy Thanksgiving


Let Salty answer how Laura got Jewish in her. That never gets old!!!


Blaugra, You know some pretty dumb people. Do they think you're orthodox and maybe can't eat the turkey with the sausage stuffing? Hell, I even wish Happy Thanksgiving to our babysitter who was born in England.

But let me apologize in advance for the Christmas card I will be sending you for Hannukah.

Happy Turkey Day!!




There is a 3 lbs. log of Jimmy Dean sausage in my ma's refrigerator How is that relevant? I think it will be in the stuffing, but maybe it will be on the breakfast menu when Salty D visits on Friday.
Happy Turkey Day all!!!
My new employee from Siberia will be making borsht tomorrow...
And for those who enjoy Christmas carols the new Diana Krall is awesome.
Ok, I shall not go on anymore - I am leaning to going off topic...


oooooh.... I love Diana Krall.


This evening at Wegman's I saw a product that may be of interest to many of you out there in Blaugra Nation. Apparently, Ocean Spray now makes cranberry sauce in a squeezable bottle. It's similar to squeezable jelly. I would imagine the only difference is there are no "can marks" and no "vacuum/slide/plop" noise as it slides out of the can. I'd also be willing to bet that some of you are into "carving" the can-shaped, gelatinous form into slices. Will the squeezable side dish provide the same experience? Is it worth it for the sheer re-usable convenience of it? Is this something for which to be thankful? Seriously, I'm thankful to have a friend nice enough to bake a pumpkin pie for my family the day before Turkey Day. It will be Brady's first. Thank you, Blaugra. I hope you and Salty D have a safe and happy holiday!

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