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28 November 2005


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Hmm...other than the Quarterback reaching between the Center's legs, I don't see much gayness in football.

Now figure skating, that's pretty darn gay, no matter how you look at it. And wrestling, both pro & real...you could make an argument there as well!


The Steelers are so NOT gay! WTF are you talking about?

Watch MNF tonight and then tell me the Steelers are gay. The Colts will not be undefeated after tonight. Big Ben is coming back and the Steelers always win on Monday nights. Go Pittsburgh!

(Wow, I feel kind of testosterone-y right now... maybe I'M gay.)


Wow...sports talk on Blaugra, I love it!

Dude I heard on ESPN today the Steelers haven't lost to the Colts in like 20 years or something crazy?

However that could come to an end tonight, but we'll see.


I don't know about that stat, Kull... but we don't play them every year so it may be accurate. And it is time for the Colts to lose tonight -- all good streaks must come to an end.

I'm sure you'll be rooting for the Steelers tonight so they can meet up with the Patriots at playoff time. :)


Hmm...I have mixed feelings on this one. I dislike the Colts, however I would like to see a team go undefeated the entire way of for nothing else than the press will stop talking about the god damn 72 Dolphins toasting champagne each year when the final undefeated team loses, it gets old.

And of course if the Steelers win, Kristin is happy so I can't lose that way.

Man, I don't want to think about the Pats in the playoffs until they get some healthy players on their side, otherwise it could get ugly.


Hee hee! My theory (unproven) is that football is a sport created by gay men, and that gays everywhere are laughing at the macho straight men who play it and love it. I have nothing against football, it's just a theory. These links provide fodder toward the theory:



And I quote from the third source here: "American football might not be as masculine a sport as some might think. It is without question a game that appeals to guys and that’s where our hypothesis begins: Football is soooo gay.
Let’s start with the uniforms. Besides gymnasts, football players have the tightest wardrobes in sports. They somehow fit into these little nut-huggers then they spend half the game bending over. And what kind of sport requires shoulder pads?" ... "There’s also something suspicious about the Super Bowl. It’s the only sports championship where players fight to win…rings. Not a trophy, not a cup, but jewelry. Even figure skaters win trophies. And what kind of sport has a goddamn music show in the middle of it? Only the Suuuuperbowl!"

I know this is upsetting to some people who are refraining from making public comment...but get over yourselves and tell me what's NOT gay about the game of football.

And whatever it is that Kull and Beth! are talking about, I have no clue. All I know is the Giants shit the bed last nite what is up with that kicker.


Well, I hate to burst your bubble -- but there is a trophy for winning the Super Bowl. And it's named after Vince Lombardi who was not gay.

There are also trophies given for the NFC & AFC champions. So there.

And have you seen the rings they get? Holy Moly. They weigh more than the trophy I think.

Most football fans and players don't give a fig about the halftime show at the Super Bowl. (Of course I dig it, though. And I like the kids doing the Punt, Pass & Kick thing at live games.)

If footballers are gay, they like it rough.

I guess all these players that cheat on their wives and have kids out of wedlock are just in the closet?

Not that there aren't gay players, announcers, and officials. I'm sure there are, but the sport itself is not. NOT.

I'm sure you could make any sport look "gay" if you had the time and inclination.


I don't think ice hockey is gay.


Well, let's look at the facts, Blaugra.

Most ice hockey players are young, foreign types. Gay. You get a penalty if you skate past a line before other skaters. Gay. They have a zamboni clean the ice to make it nice and smooth. Gay. The players "fight" by pulling each other's shirts over their heads. Very gay. Everybody does a group hug when they are able to get the little puck into the net. Gay. Their names are all gay: Mighty Ducks, Maple Leaves, Avalanche, Canucks, Lightening... I think there's even one called the FLAMES! Gay, gay, gay.


Though I grew up in Dallas where football is everything, I am so grateful my husband doesn't like football and would rather go shopping on a Sunday.

Wanna talk about gay? How about golf.

Plaid pants, one little glove, CADDIES. Need I say more?

Thankfully, my husband also hates golf. But he does watch gymnastics and ice skating with me.

You see, while other men ogle football players, my husband is watching "gay" sports where women with hot bodies are scantily clad and very flexible.

Go figure.


I am pleading the god damn 5th on any more comments here, I'll leave it all to the ladies to dispute this one.

Holy shit my tongue hurts from biting it right now!!!


Okay, I will say one thing....BETH!, that comment about ice hockey was one of the funniest things I have ever read in Blog History, well done!


I love it when those gay footballers rip off their jerseys after the game and trade with the other team. Oh wait, that is the European footballers, not the tight, white pants wearing American ones...

To rile up Blaugra even more I must say:


I've got my 2005 Big Ten (11 - whatever) Champions t-shirt, how 'bout you?

Stillers aren't winning - I've gotta go get out my terrible towel and take it to bed - that is probably gay, eh?


I love this! Beth! you're slaying me.

Can we talk about football team names - Oilers, Packers, Rams, Cowboys, Raiders, Bears - HELLO that's practically all the Village People!

I can't blast the Nittany Lions because after 20 years I now appreciate the very strange love that my friends have for them. I no longer find Penn State frenzy highly annoying, it just is.

We haven't yet touched on baseball. I don't think baseball is gay. JUST FOOTBALL. When is my husband going to comment on this debate??!




Yeah, I guess you're right. Gay isn't the word.

It's funny, I actually grew up loving football in Dallas.

Bob Lily (NFL hall of famer) was a close friend of the family, we had a skybox at Texas Stadium and never missed the Thanksgiving game against the Vikings. I had the BIGGEST crush on Troy Aikman when I was in high school.

I know about flea flickers, audibles, nickle defenses, using the clock, and tons of other stuff that used to amaze guys when I cared about impressing random drunk dudes at bars.

Furthermore, my new brother-in-law is good friends with Drew Bledsoe and his wife Maura. And though Drew couldn't make it to my sister's wedding in September (it was on a game Sunday, you see), several ex-Patriots did show up at the Outer Banks beach house where the week-long wedding fete was held.

Good thing, too, because they made me look positively svelte in my bathing suit!


I think most football players are straight. But I think the game itself is GAY and the fans and the teams don't even realize it. It takes an outsider like me - someone who doesn't recognize a New England Patriot walking through Harvard Square, someone who has NO clue what nickel defense means, someone who could care less that the mighty S.U. Orangemen have fallen to the very bottom of the football pool, to see this.
It's like theatre. Most theatre people I know are straight but theater is a very gay art, what with all the cross dressing and running around naked backstage. Not that all gay people do that. But some do.

p.s. who the hell is Drew Bledsoe?


He used to be the QB for New England, now he plays for the Cowboys.


Drew Bledsoe is the guy that sold his house to Curt Schilling, Curt Schilling is the guy that pitched the Red Sox to the World Series title with a bloody sock. That is not gay! That house is in Medfield, where Lauren & Jay live...Bledsoe used to be a good quarterback up here in New England, but then he got hurt and was replaced by the little known Tom Brady, who has gone on to win 3 of those gay Super Bowl rings and become very popular with the ladies...even though he plays a gay sport. Follow me?


This was a very entertaining comment thread, y'all.

How come nobody mentioned all the piles of men grabbing one another and grunting in football? And all that fanny patting that goes on? Yoo hoo, the post-touchdown pelvic thrusting?

Oh, and the hockey thing was hilarious, Beth!! (that's one exclamation point to get the name right, and another one 'cause I really liked the post.)


Hey! Thanks everybody for the kind words. I didn't think that hockey post was that great - it just proved the point that you can "gay up" any sport.

Maybe I should get my own blog?!


Just seconding (thirding? fourthing?) the comments saying that this has been an entertaining thread.

Well played by all...


Good game, good game (pats on the ass all around)

Beth! You'd be an awesome blogger....


Hey re: footbball is gay - yeah - I am commenting on an old topic - your favorite blue field game just finished. BC won.
And jeremy is kicking some serious butt in some bowl pool too.
And get this - no actual bowl games on New Year's Day - now that is gay.
Now the Huskers are on - gay name.
Oh, and naming your kid after a football player - gay when the baby is a girl!!!


I saw the blue field game. Blue football turf is a DON'T. Especially when the uniforms are the same color blue.

I know the green turf is artificial, so it can be any damn color - but first with the blue, then before you know it you have fuschia or periwinkle - and then there will be absolutely no argument that football is gay.

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