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31 October 2005


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I'll have to dig that flute out from underneath the steps in Stanford!
Happy Trick or Treating!


I meant Stamford - ooops.


So, first, I have to thank you, Blaugra. Here's why. Many, many years ago, my introduction to the Guarneri was through their recordings of Mozart's Six Quartets Dedicated to Haydn, on vinyl. I borrowed them from the Carnegie Library, in Pittsburgh, and listened to them over and over and over.

Well, guess what. That ruined me forever. I could never listen to another version of those concerti without thinking of how the Guarneri played them.

And, the Guarneri versions weren't available on CD. For years I watched, and waited...but nothing.

Then, tonight, I come to your weblog and see this post citing these wonderful musicians, and click on the link you've provided, wondering what reference to this no-longer-extant group of musical geniuses you'd cited and...there I find...the Mozart Concerti on CD!

I almost couldn't hit "Buy Now with 1-Click" fast enough!

Now, if you could only get Kristin's flute out from under our basement steps, I'd be a truly happy man!



Whoa! That's so crazy cool!

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