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28 October 2005


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Damn yo...who is the sexy ant on the left???


I can't believe my parents let me out of the house like that. Where's Nikki?


You know what? I found this photo already cut up -I must have thought she looked dorky because I remember her wearing just a sweater and a white stripe and not doing the other stuff to her hair and face. Yeah..... I know.......

Whose idea WAS this? Sheesh.


I totally remember wearing all that crap to school. It's the only costume I can remember wearing! I know I was the biggest Adam Ant fan but I'm not very creative so it must have been your idea.

Why does it look like James is wearing the same costume every year? Big shirt, with or without tie.


Blaugra...I also can't help but notice your charitable ways began back in the day with that UNICEF collection box. Nice work


Because every year when we were little I would choose a different costume (as evidenced...) and he ALWAYS said "I wanna be an old man!" At least he changed hats each year.

I love how my magenta lipstick highlights my orthodontia. That was a great choice.


Do you know what year that was?

P.S. Just took Emma to see that Penguin movie. So cute.


Hmmm. Judging by the size of my boobs and the amount of metal in my mouth, along with Kris's enthusiasm for MTV (look at her button) I'd have to guess 1982.



We loved Adam Ant, but I remember thinking "Why is he stripping down to his shiny, leopard undies at a concert?" How does that help the music? Hmmmmm...
Were we dressed like this for Halloween or was it when we went to one of his concerts? And where the heck did he come up with the white stripe idea anyway? Has MTV done a "Where is Adam Ant now?" Or is it too sad and I shouldn't ask???
billy Squier, Adam Ant, Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper - now those were concerts!


I definitely remember doing it for Halloween - and going to school dressed like that. But not because we were supposed to wear costumes, just because we were wacky. So in '82 were we all at East Hills? I'm embarrassed for myself 25 years later.

Adam Ant is probably still touring around the UK or something - playing punk bars. I think I also heard he did some acting? Too bad the Ants didn't have enough material to be featured in a VH1 Behind the Music special. Ha!

Every now and then I hear an Adam & the Ants or Rick Springfield song on the radio and my kids are astonished to hear me sing all the words. Then they say, "How do you know that horrible song, mom?" They would rather hear me belt out old Beatles or Sprinsteen.


Good catch on the Unicef box. Great fun that was. Why don't they do that anymore? So nostalgic...

OK, gals, I was in HIGH SCHOOL and I think you gals were still in junior high. I don't think I wore this to school, I would have surely been beaten up by the tough girls in moccasin boots. But junior high was more lax. I didn't really understand the whole "Strip" phase of Adam Ant either - I much preferred all the makeup and puffy pirate shirts.

I last heard that Adamant was some kind of pervert or maybe I 'm getting him confused with Gary Glitter - well anyway...

Billy Squier - front row - remember??! Don't get me started.

don't you remember wandering around the neighborhood in these "costumes" and singing "I Want Candy" like Bow Wow Wow?? And then we probably returned to my basement which we decorated with CREPE PAPER STREAMERS and stayed up all nite eating candy and playing Mystery Date or something except for Kris because she always knew the value of sleep.


You can still trick or treat for Unicef! It's just that no one does it anymore. :o(

Hey, at least you had a finished basement.

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