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23 October 2005


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Jennifer Weiner is one of my fav authors - and from Philly to boot. I'm going to see this movie (from her book) on Thursday night with my diva girlfriend.

Blaugra, I'm just glad you've embraced your Jewish side so completely. But here's the question... do Jewish guys find YOU irrisistable too?


I was kidding! I don't care if Lori smokes... I'm just jealous.

I loved the book and look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out on DVD. I also loved her new book called Little Earthquakes which is about women bonding over pregnancy and childbirth.

Interesting tidbit, she's a big girl and all her heroines tend to be big girls too but they always manage to "snag" handsome, funny guys who adore them for their womanly curves. Just like in real life.

Wendy Trimble

Diva #4 checking in to say you guys SUCK! While you were smoking and drinking and hanging with trailor trash america I was sitting in a nasty restaurant with my nasty in-laws thinking of all the nasty little things I'd love to say to them. Cheers to the divas!! Bitches and Ho's one and all!


Yesterday, on our way home from Maine, Karen and I listened to a KCRW "The Treatment" podcast (Elvis Mitchell does these) with the film's director, Curtis Hanson. Very good interview that convinced us to see the film. Blaugra review seals the deal.

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