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27 October 2005


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Regarding question number 4... the reason Elvis was bad in bad was not because he was uncircumsized. Trust me on this.

I haven't done a double blind test or anything (way too kinky for me) but suffice it to say I didn't marry my husband for his gourmet cooking and obsessive compulsive cleaning abilities alone.

TMI. Sorry.


we are all family here. trust me when I tell you ain't nobody ain't got weirdness, I mean, look at me? and my sister? and my WHOLE fuckin family - I love them yes, but it's been quite a ride. Stop by, I'll give you such a klem (hug in norwegian.)
much love, you will be fine.


JoJo - no no no I didn't mean to imply that uncircumcized = bad in bed. But apparently one of the reasons Elvis didn't want to, oh I don't know, play hide the royal sausage with many of his playmates was because he was afraid of, um, handling the casing. He obviously had major issues. Source material: the latest issue of Playboy that I made hubby buy so I could see the Girls Next Door but I've read ALL the articles which are kind of interesting. Don't get me started on the airbrushed nether-regions of the girls...I'll have to start doing little drawings on cocktail napkins again! ;)

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