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15 September 2005


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How can you not know Larry the Cable Guy??? He's hilarious!

Are you telling me you've never seen Ron White's act either?

Girl...either you are too high-brow for me or I've spent too much time living in the south.

I like the "Rock Out w/ your Cock Out" shirt. That chicken on there is a nice touch.

Glad you enjoyed the shore before the Ophelia rain hit.

Tom Guarriello

Strictly for the purposes of filling in the holes in the Larry The Cable Guy database, I offer one of his classics: "Put Some Gravy on That Sumbitch!"

I know this 'cause Imus has only said it, oh, fourteen million times over the last six months! And then, actually had Larry on his show.


I know Tater Salad - he's pretty funny.

Thank you for filling me in ... I shall seek out Larry this weekend!


pssst, Blaugra - I don't know this Larry guy either. I am not sure I want to know him though - did you check him out? Damn, now I want some bad southern food...

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