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08 July 2005


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I saw that pic on Jermy's page... cracks me up!

But here's my question Jeremy & Kris: Why does Benjamino have that serious old-man frown? It's like he is digusted with the day. You can almost hear him saying, "Hey! You kids quiet down over there... Man, this sun is killing me... This beer is tasty, but where the hell are my peanuts?... Why do my parents keep propping me up for these never-ending photo shoots? grumble, grumble"


And he almost has an Al Bundy thing going on - if he were wearing pants, he'd have his hand under his belt.

Maybe he just doesn't like Sam Adams -- he's lookin' for a cool green Rolling Rock...


a) He gets that frown from his Mom fo shizzle
b) He definitely likes the Sammies way better than that crap in the green bottle from old latrobe or whatevah!
c) I'll be sure to get up a smiling picture real soon!


Hey, hey, ho take it easy on the Rock, Boston boy. P.S. How about a little Leinenkugel?

Just teasing on the frown - it cracks me up. Hard to catch a 2 month old in the gaseous state to get a smile...

In the meantime, get that boy a hat - like a little mafia one. That will suit him.


Ha ha...I know you're just teasing. One thing is for sure, he smiles a damn lot but with the delays on digi cameras and stuff, its tough to capture it. I have a good one at home, I thought I put it on my Flickr but its not there, I'll get it on there tonite!

the Rock is nasty, if I'm gonna swill a PA beer, it is Yeungling (sp?) all the way!

Lastly...he had the hat on at the beginning of that photo shoot, he's not a fan. Come to think of it, maybe that is why he was frowning!


I knew Blaugra would like the plastic Adirondack chair in kid size - that was what started the whole picture taking thing. And then it has a built in cup place so the Sam Summer was just cryin' to be in the shot. My boss says the frown is trouble - that furrowed brow thing will turn into a lot of questions when he can ask them...


Dang, that's even cooler, a bottle / cup -- place...? not quite a holder, just a circle shape where you may place it.

I LOVE the Leinies!

Tom Guarriello

Come on, give the boy a real beer: a nice crisp Red Hook IPA, an Anchor Steam, a lucious Pilsner Urquel...now we're talkin' beer!

PS - Gramma says, "Hi! Get a hat on that boy!"


He was in the shade!!!

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