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30 June 2005


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I often think about riding bikes down to whatever that place was to play Ms. Pacman. Nowadays I would never allow my kids to ride their bikes out of the neighborhood...

Boy, we had a good life! :o)


Speaking of sugar, here's the recipe you asked about: http://christmas.allrecipes.com/az/PrtzlSldII.asp. The only thing that's different in the version I use is that I put regular granulated sugar in the crust instead of powdered sugar.


I always harkon back to those bike riding days when summer rolls around. Off to Tracey and Sherry's the back way sweating to death to then ride off to Municipal for a dip. And always wanting more money for the snack bar for a frozen ice cream treat. I remember the summer of the high dive - so thrillingly scary. And lets not even start with Dorney Park!!!

Yvonne DiVita

Wow! This is fodder for a book...hey, I started one: Stories from the Good Old Days (or, stories from GOD, how's that for profound?) but...I had to put it aside. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...back when kids were kids and playing Mother May I or jumprope or just laying in the grass at nightfall watching the stars come out, was actually considered fun.

All in favor of bringing back fireflies in empty mayonaisse jars and playing hide and seek all over a three block radius... raise your hand!

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